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"Farlie Turner provided us with best-in-class guidance and thoughtful advice throughout the entire transaction process. We are excited to begin our new partnership with Celero, and for the opportunity to offer new products and services to our growing merchant base."

Michael Gross

"Farlie Turner was an invaluable resource and trusted advisor throughout each phase of one of the most important events of my and Peter's lives. Their guidance resulted in a fantastic outcome for Peter and me, and we could not be more pleased with their performance."

Russell Morgan
Morgan Bros.

"The team at Farlie Turner & Co. was hands-on, attentive and offered tremendous wisdom and guidance through some turbulent periods in the oil & gas cycles over the past several years. They helped guide us to a superior outcome not only for me personally, but also for all of my employees and the company."

Bryan Force
Force Environmental Solutions

"Farlie Turner proved to be a valuable advisor in a very fast moving process. They provided great guidance from beginning to end, worked diligently to facilitate the closing of the transaction on a tight timeline and delivered a tremendous result for our family."

Brian Dosal
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

"Farlie Turner's unparalleled experience in the environmental services space and hands-on execution capability made them the obvious choice as our advisor on this transaction."

Brian D'Amico
Managing Partner
Summer Street Capital Partners

"We appreciate the transaction leadership and guidance that the team from Farlie Turner provided. They were truly our partner on this transaction from beginning to end."

Dr. Shammi Kataria
Professional Emergency Medicine Management, LLC & Professional Emergency Physicians Associates, LLC

"We received outstanding guidance from Farlie Turner throughout our recapitalization process, from clear, concise and thorough analysis of our alternatives to their staunch advocacy on our behalf."

Jeff Elmore
Former President
Knight Oil Tools

"Farlie Turner gave us invaluable advice and guided us through a deeply complex process."

Ryan Sentz
Funky Buddha Brewery

"The Farlie Turner team was committed to us from beginning to end, and their in-depth knowledge of the craft beer industry meant that they were incredibly easy to work with."

KC Sentz
Funky Buddha Brewery

"Our financial advisors showed their commitment to the company and its shareholders and were able to deliver a great outcome through their efforts."

Bill Brown
Entrada, Inc.

"Farlie Turner provided great wisdom and friendship along the way. Their team truly went above and beyond for us throughout every stage of the process."

Patrick Rue
The Bruery, LLC

"Farlie, Turner & Co. came highly recommended to us by our legal counsel. The team was attentive, thoughtful and highly responsive throughout the process and were instrumental in helping us to significantly improve the price and terms and get this deal across the finish line."

Diego Beltran Jr.
Jet Aviation Specialists

"Farlie Turner provided us with a great introduction and valuable guidance throughout the transaction process."

Steve Berg
Storied Craft Breweries, LLC

"The Farlie Turner team worked tirelessly to provide valued guidance, advice and support throughout the transaction process."

Tim Best
Bradley-Morris, Inc.

"Farlie Turner has worked as our trusted advisor, providing our family with patient guidance, un-biased expertise and thoughtful advice as we identified a partner to transition my father out of the business."

Steve Lowsky
Pride Family Brands

"Steve and his team worked tirelessly to facilitate a very successful outcome and provided invaluable guidance and advice throughout the process."

Tom Manger
CEO & Co-Founder
TMI Solutions, LLC

"The Farlie Turner team offered big bank experience and relationships, while conducting a customized M&A process that was tailored to our needs. Their understanding of the food and beverage industry, along with an understanding of our convenience store, foodservice and QSR end-markets, yielded a strong result for our shareholders."

Andy Burke
Insight Beverages

"Scott Sanderson and the Farlie Turner team were instrumental in providing guidance and advice throughout this process."

Mark Snodgrass
CEO and co-founder
Erick Flowback Services

"Farlie Turner served as an excellent advisor to the company and was invaluable in guiding the transaction to close."

R. Kevin Jackson

"Farlie Turner identified a unique buyer for Wildcat, one that would not have otherwise crossed our path. We are excited to work with the B/E team and look forward to continuing to grow our presence in the space."

Clyde Ricks
President and founder
Wildcat Wireline, LLC

"We enjoyed working with Farlie Turner's team. They ran an excellent process that was focused, efficient and successful in hitting our timeline. In short, they delivered and created a great outcome for Pine Tree and Applied going forward."

Jeff Settembrino
Managing Partner
Pine Tree Equity Partners

"Farlie Turner delivered on their commitment to provide senior level attention throughout the sale process resulting in an attractive outcome for all participants. We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to partner with Dyno's management team for the past six years and, thanks to Farlie Turner's relationships and efforts, we look forward to watching management and Bunker Hill continue to grow Dyno in the future."

Johnathan Robertson
President and Managing Director
TG Capital Corp

"We appreciated Farlie Turner's hard work, long hours, expert judgment and thoughtful guidance throughout the transaction process."

Jim Moynihan
Dyno LLC

"We relied on Farlie Turner to provide experience-based advice, thoughtful guidance and ongoing transaction support, and they delivered on all fronts. They streamlined a complex process and helped to deliver a great result for our shareholders."

Barry Goldstein
Lakeview Health Systems

"Farlie Turner remained committed to the seller's interests from kickoff to closing. The team provided invaluable advice, insight, analysis and guidance throughout the process. They had a clear understanding of all transaction issues and were deeply involved in every aspect of the deal."

Kirby Arceneaux
Environmental Drilling Solutions, LLC

"Farlie Turner provided senior level attention to the sellers and managed a process that resulted in a highly attractive outcome for all the shareholders. We are excited to partner with Element Partners and CSL Capital Management to continue to grow the business and capitalize on the significant opportunities in the domestic onshore market."

Chad Hollier
President and Founder
Environmental Drilling Solutions, LLC

"Farlie Turner made a promise to me that they would dedicate senior level attention to what was one of the most important events in my life ‐ the sale of my business ‐ while maximizing value in the process. They worked tirelessly on my behalf and delivered exactly what they promised. Given my role as President of the Company and my desire to continue growing the business, finding the right partner was just as important as maximizing value. Farlie Turner's thoughtfulness in buyer selection which produced a number of very attractive options to the shareholders was truly outstanding. Needless to say, we're excited about our new partnership with Calvert Street as we continue to grow the IOS/PCI business."

Kevin McKay

"Farlie Turner helped us reach a goal we had in mind for years: to bring in additional equity capital to help grow our business. They added significant value from beginning to end, not only due to their strong process skills, but also through their extensive environmental industry knowledge and contacts."

Tom Manzke
K.R. Drenth Trucking, Inc.

"Farlie Turner provided excellent advice throughout the transaction process. This is the second transaction that we have worked on with Farlie Turner and once again they exceeded our expectations with a combination of excellent senior level attention and extremely high levels of service."

Michael Schmickle
Palm Beach Capital

"Farlie Turner delivered on their promise of senior level attention throughout the sale process. Their team was with us every step of the way, and their expertise in wine, spirits and beer distribution proved invaluable in getting the transaction across the finish line."

Chris Lano
President & CEO
The Stacole Company

"Farlie Turner provided valuable guidance and advice throughout the transaction process. They understood the shareholders' objectives and achieved a very successful outcome that will enable the company to continue to grow and take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace going forward."

Kenny DesOrmeaux
Founder & CEO
Offshore Cleaning Systems, LLC

"Farlie Turner served as a trusted advisor to Velocitude during the company's recent sale. Their team was with us every step of the way, right up until closing. They offered valuable, senior level guidance throughout the sale process, and we were very pleased with the advice and service we received."

Adam House Sr.
Velocitude, LLC

"We were extremely pleased with the quality of advice and level of service provided by Farlie Turner. The transaction team at Farlie Turner helped our Board explore a full range of alternatives, and provided valuable counsel throughout the engagement under difficult circumstances."

Brian Stafford
Chairman and former Director of the U.S. Secret Service
Protective Products of America, Inc.

"In the face of a deteriorating construction market, Farlie Turner's Special Situation Group helped the shareholders evaluate and understand the alternatives that were available to our company. Their experienced team enabled us to navigate an intricate process fraught with difficult choices. Through Farlie Turner's perseverance, they were able to negotiate favorable results for our company using creative solutions and sound judgment."

Curtis Sunday
President & CEO
S&P Architectural Products, Inc.

"Farlie Turner & Co. was with me every step of the way and tirelessly advocated my interests throughout the sale. They ran a comprehensive process, and identified and recommended a private equity partner which successfully completed the deal in the midst of an exceptionally challenging transaction environment."

Dawn Mazer

"Farlie Turner's process management capabilities were invaluable in leading our management team through the sale process. They continually focused on my objectives as a shareholder and were integral to the outcome and success of the transaction."

Joe Jiampietro
Utica Alloys

"Using Farlie Turner was an excellent decision for our company. The firm's M&A expertise and knowledge of the engineering and environmental services industry were invaluable and enabled us to achieve a very successful outcome for our shareholders."

Philip Petrocelli
Boyle Engineering

"Farlie Turner proved to be a highly value-added advisor in our sale process. Their investment of time and senior attention led to an efficient process that helped the shareholders achieve an attractive financial return and also match Quantum with an excellent financial partner for its next stage of growth."

Mike Schmickle
Palm Beach Capital

"Using Farlie Turner was an easy choice. With their expert knowledge of the commercial printing industry, total commitment of senior level resources and easy access to key decision makers, we never considered using another investment bank. They ran a flawless process that resulted in the identification of a great partner for our family."

Larry Scheffler
Las Vegas Color

"The success of our transaction was due in large part to Farlie Turner's willingness to involve its principal partners in every step of the process. They served as an extremely effective intermediary, and helped to build a bridge between us and Trivest."

Michael D. Horvitz
Twin-Star International

"Farlie Turner's investment of time, resources and senior-level attention led to an intimate understanding of Twin-Star, the identification of the right partner for our company, and to a transaction that will benefit all parties. Their team was very responsive, hard working and professional throughout."

Mark Asofsky
Founder and Senior VP
Twin-Star International

"Farlie Turner's considerable experience completing deals of this size was another reason they were the smart choice for us."

Jeff Claunch
Sunbelt Environmental, Inc.

"Farlie Turner's knowledge of the solid waste industry and the sale process was invaluable. The transaction would not have been nearly as successful without their expert guidance."

William Blount
Sunbelt Environmental, Inc.

"We chose to engage Farlie Turner based on our confidence in their ability to achieve a highly successful outcome in a sale process. They were instrumental in moving the transaction to an expeditious closing through their dedication to this assignment and commitment to Tallard and its shareholders."

Humberto Gonzalez
Chief Executive Officer
Tallard Technologies, Inc.

"Farlie Turner was extremely effective in representing Prime Event Group. They sought to understand our key objectives and goals in entering into this transaction, and always kept those foremost in their minds. We were very pleased with their work."

Chris Martin
Co-founder and President
Prime Event Group

"Farlie Turner was involved in every aspect of this transaction. Their team was available to us 24 hours a day, and their involvement was crucial to keeping the sale on track and moving forward. They added value in an untold number of ways."

Murray Hamilton
Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Sales
Prime Event Group

"Farlie Turner ran an extremely effective transaction process that resulted in the identification of the best partner for our division. The firm's principals were committed to our transaction from beginning to end."

Brian Schwartz
Managing Partner
H.I.G. Capital

"Farlie Turner was instrumental in moving this transaction to closing through their dedication to this assignment ‐ a truly valued partner that exceeded our expectations based on other similar service providers. I look forward to working with them again soon."

Stenning Schueppert
H.I.G. Capital

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