As independent financial advisors,

we are flexible advocates of our clients' interests.

Special Situations Group

As independent financial advisors, rather than turnaround consultants that bolster or replace management, we are flexible advocates of our clients' interests. Drawing on investment banking, law, restructuring, private equity and lending experience we develop creative solutions to maximize value.

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Distressed M&A Processes

Farlie Turner has extensive experience in non-core division divestitures, asset sales and other M&A activities for distressed companies. We understand that distressed M&A often calls for sophisticated, multi-pronged sale processes that are implemented on shortened time frames due to capital, operations and management constraints. Although similar to healthy M&A processes, distressed M&A requires specialized skills and relationships not only with strategic buyers, but also with distressed equity investors. Farlie Turner focuses on identifying, understanding and communicating the key value drivers to the universe of potential buyers. Finally, we have also successfully educated potential buyers that would have normally passed on an opportunity due to their lack of understanding of distressed M&A, unlocking superior value for our clients.

Raising Debt & Equity

Farlie Turner maintains extensive relationships with providers of debt and equity capital to distressed companies. We put these relationships to work to provide the optimal capital structure, pricing and terms for our clients.

Creditor Negotiations

Farlie Turner works to structure and execute transactions that maximize value for our clients, combining experience in restructuring debt with our understanding of capital structures. We have the ability to raise capital from traditional and non-traditional sources and effectively craft and execute custom-tailored solutions to meet our clients' individual situations.

Chapter 11 Advisory Services

It is not uncommon for a business to experience financial and operational challenges at some point - whether the challenges are overcome or worsen to the point of impacting the business's viability is, in part, a function of the advice the business obtains. With the help of effective advisors experienced in special situations, these challenges can be effectively addressed. Our knowledge and experience in representing debtors and committees, assisting in creating plans of reorganization and implementing Section 363 sales allows us to quickly customize appropriate strategies for our clients. Farlie Turner has been instrumental in using its relationships with both bank and non-bank capital providers to secure DIP facilities within Chapter 11.

In & Out of Court Solutions

Debtor Advisory Services

  • Analyzing Strategic Alternatives
  • Distressed M&A Process
  • Restructuring Advisory
  • Raising Debt & Equity
  • Debt to Equity Conversions
  • Creditor Negotiations
  • Assistance with Developing Plans of Reorganization
  • Valuations, Fairness & Solvency Opinions
  • Expert Testimony

Creditor Advisory Services

  • Monitor Debtor's M&A & Investment Banking process
  • Financial Projections & Reorganization Plan Reviews
  • Financial Reporting & budget reviews
  • Intracreditor & debtor Negotiations
  • Assistance with Developing Plans of Reorganization
  • Valuations, fairness & Solvency Opinions
  • Expert Testimony

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