Ken Hawkins, Senior Advisor

Mr. Hawkins is a Senior Advisor at Farlie Turner & Co focused on mergers & acquisitions and other related transactions in the healthcare industry.

Prior to joining Farlie Turner & Co, Mr. Hawkins served as Senior Vice President of Acquisitions & Development at Community Health Systems (NYSE: CYH). In his role overseeing mergers & acquisitions, Mr. Hawkins completed more than 200 hospital, physician and other ancillary services transactions. Mr. Hawkins worked in this capacity for over 20 years at CHS and helped to grow CHS revenues from $700 million to over $19 billion. Additionally, he is a past CFO of public healthcare companies and has more than 40 years of healthcare experience and over 45 years of financial experience.

Mr. Hawkins is a Certified Public Accountant with a Bachelor of Science in accounting from James Madison University and Masters of Science in Tax from Virginia Commonwealth University.

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