Eugene J. Wingerter, Senior Advisor

Mr. Wingerter is a Senior Advisor of Farlie Turner & Co., focused on the U.S. and Canadian environmental services industry. His clients include waste services companies as well as equipment and technology companies serving the environmental field.

Mr. Wingerter has over 35 years experience in the waste management industry, having previously served as the Executive Director/CEO of the Environmental Industry Association (formerly the National Solid Waste Management Association) from 1972 to 1995. The EIA is the national organization representing the $45 billion/year waste management industry.

In 1995, he founded the Environmental Research and Education Foundation, whose activities include research and technology support for the waste management industry.

Mr. Wingerter's earlier career includes over ten years in advanced military weapons technology. As a research director at Booz Allen and Hamilton, he served clients in the US Naval Air Systems Command. He also served as project engineer at Vitro Laboratories in advanced naval missile systems.

Mr. Wingerter is also the founder of Wingerter and Associates LLC, a market research and product development consulting firm, and President/CEO of Threat Response Technologies LLC, a company serving the homeland security field. He holds a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from the University of Detroit and a Masters Degree in Engineering Administration from George Washington University.

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